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The shop opened in May 2008 and is on the main road in Woodstock, just next to the bus stop. We can supply most books to order by the next day and have several thousand books in stock: to order books ring or email the shop. We have a large selection of children's books and are happy to advise and recommend. We can also supply second-hand and out-of-print titles. We offer discounts for school orders and for book clubs and have a free local delivery service.

We were on the regional shortlist for Independent Bookshop of the Year in 2009, 2013 and 2017, and listed in the Independent's Top 50 UK Bookshops.

are both suspended during the pandemic. We hope to start again as soon as it is safe to do so.

The bookshop started and runs Woodstock Poetry Festival, a completely independent festival that has now been running for 8 years.

The Woodstock Literature Society also holds an excellent series of monthly talks - do visit their website for further details.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Will Cohu drops in

Yesterday, the final day of Independent Booksellers' Week, Merle was fetching a copy of Will Cohu's book from the office for a customer when who should pop in to the shop but ... Will Cohu!

We don't always time things so neatly...

Friday, 26 June 2015

Julia Blackburn's talk

I can't think of a better way of celebrating our seven years of running The Woodstock Bookshop than the talk given by Julia Blackburn in Woodstock Town Hall on Wednesday. Her book, Threads: The Delicate Life of John Craske is beguiling and wonderful and if you missed her speak about it have a look here and here. As I sat listening to Julia describe and read from the book, and go on to talk very movingly of her husband's death and her own need to carry on working and writing, I felt so lucky to have been able to open and run the bookshop and to have had such extraordinary writers here to talk. 

Julia Blackburn in her pond garden. 'The nature of my grief is that I miss him terribly, but...There was no unfinished business between us. And that, I think, makes for a quietness in the head'

(Julia Blackburn in her garden and, below, at home)

Julia Blackburn at home. 'I d like to talk a bit about death. People should talk about it. People have said to me

A huge thank you to all our customers for making this all possible.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Edmund de Waal - The White Road

Yesterday I went with a group of booksellers to Edmund de Waal's studio for tea (he served the most delicious cakes) and a tour of the studio. He talked to us about The White Road: A Pilgrimage of Sorts, the book he has written about porcelain, coming out in September. And he made two pots for us while we stood handling the little lumps of slightly damp, almost floury porcelain clay he had given us, and marvelled: a bowl and a jar appeared, each of which sat briefly on the wheel glowing almost like a mirage before he wired it off and crumpled it back into a clump of porcelain clay. There is little more magical than watching someone make a bowl on a wheel - using, as he pointed out, nothing but clay, a small knife, a piece of wood and a length of wire. You can see him in the photo below - I am the headless person in the middle.

I am reading the book - a beautifully written and at times very funny account of his journey to discover many aspects of porcelain - the places where it began, the people who invented it, a journey of inspiration and obsession, the most wonderful book. If you liked The Hare with Amber Eyes you will almost certainly love this. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Congratulations to Patrick McGuinness!

Other People's Countries has won the Wales Book of the Year! It is out in paperback - read it...